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Low Carb Pasta? It Does Exist

If you are on the South Beach Diet or other type of diet that suggests that fewer carbohydrates or the right types of them are consumed then you should know that you can make it easier for you with certain food products. Even pasta, one of the most dangerous foods for these diets, can be included because there are various types of low carb pasta that is available on the market.


The reason as to why low carb pasta is great is because it can be used in many different recipes for your diet. In fact, low carb pasta is especially recommended by doctors for those who are dieting.

One of the most popular brands of low carb pasta is that of Due Amici. The companyís Pasta Lite is one of the best low carb pasta products. This is because there are various different varieties available, including rigatoni, penne rigate, linguini and elbow macaroni. It is also easy to eat because this type of low carb pasta is know to be chewier than other types because it does not have as much starch as regular pasta with more carbs would have. This brand of low carb pasta is available in organic and natural food stores, and websites like the Low Carb Connoisseurs and the Low Carb Dieterís Page have these products for sale too.

Pastalia also makes some great low carb pasta. This is one of the newest entries in the world of low carb pasta. The two main types of low carb pasta offered by Pastalia are plain fettuccine and tomato and basil fettuccine. One of the best things of this brand is that it comes in packages that can be resealed so that you do not need to eat everything at once. However, it does take a little longer to make it.

Pastalia low carb pasta features 7 grams of carbs per serving, which makes for a great choice for your low carb diet.

Keto is the last brand to consider in the world of low carb pasta. Keto Fettuccine is low carb pasta with no clear soy taste in it. It is also considered to be great with any type of sauce, including low calorie pasta sauces.

These are all great brands of low carb pasta to consider. If you are on a low carb diet then you should know that you donít have to give up all of the great foods you like because low carb pasta can be great and can help to make your diet easier because you donít have to give up as many types of foods.


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